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Why the future belongs to Local Business Marketing?

Posted by Dr. Maritza May - 17 - 2011 3 Comments
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Local Business Marketing1 Why the future belongs to Local Business Marketing?
When you hear about local internet marketing, you may think in terms of global marketing and global audience. This is something that the internet has established. It has brought the world closer than ever making them easy to collaborate. Anyone from any part of the world can access any information. Moreover, the internet users can interact with anyone from any part of the world without having to acquire any permissions  except when being a subscriber to an email list.

However, recently local business marketing has caught on fire. Internet marketers are focusing on marketing their business to  potential local market. The reasons are obvious. The local market gives a better chance to beat the competition.  Moreover, the smaller business with low advertising budgets can easily target the local audience to get away with the competition that exists at global level within their niche. At local level, they may have to compete only against a few top level competitors.

The local internet market skyrocketed when Google announced the search results for  March of  last year. Google clearly laid down the fact that 20% of the total searches were with a local intent.  Now it is even more than that. Therefore, when people search the internet they either use the keywords that contain something regional or the search query was local in nature . This gave something valuable to us marketers and business owners. If you understand how to interpret these statistics   then you can become more savvy and target that search engine traffic. The internet became local in nature within  year.  Google then decided to give most business a places page.  If you don’t claim this page properly you have your competitor gain a beneficial advantage. They WILL get your customers.

Another major impact leading to ‘localness’ on the internet was  the  spread of small businesses.  The Internet does not stop anyone from using its power to reach their customers if it’s done properly. The small and local businesses realized the potential and started building their presence online. This initiated a local trend as these businesses were only targeting the local audience. They had no fierce global competition and therefore they started seeing the early success. This encourages even bigger businesses to target the local markets. The trend exploded in 2011 as many social media and internet marketing experts announced it to be a year of marketing your business online.  It is not an option anymore to be  on the internet. Your local business marketing must include a major presence on the internet because if not then you will experience major problems with getting customers to your establishments.

Ask me how I know this?Local Business Marketing3 Why the future belongs to Local Business Marketing?Local Business Marketing6 Why the future belongs to Local Business Marketing?

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