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5 5 local marketing questions that you need to answer before starting a local business websiteWhen you are starting out a local business promotion campaign on the internet, you need to be absolutely sure that you have done all the preparations. Once you have done that, you need to go through another checklist before starting out the website.

Here are the questions that you must answer before starting a local business marketingwebsite.

Q.1: Do you know your target audience?

Q.2: Does your website have any objectives?

Q.3: What do visitors expect from your website?

Q.4: What do you want when a visitor leaves your website?

Q.5: Why should visitors return to your website?

The foremost thing is to know your target audience. You should never start a local business marketing campaign without first knowing your audience. If you have not done any research, postpone the website and first do some research on your target audience.

Similarly, you also need to ask yourself about the objectives of your website. If you have not defined anything, then you should postpone the website and should work on your paper work. Once you know the objectives, you can easily make it a better website and can promote your local business easily using the website.

You should also ask yourself about the expectations of the visitors. Are the visitors coming to the website expecting to find certain products or are they visiting your website to read some useful articles about your business? You have to know the intent of the visitors. That is the only true method to make your website more useful for these visitors. This will help your local internet marketing campaign more than anything else.

The most important question from business point of view is the expectation that you have from your visitors. Do you want them to see the website for a few seconds and then click the close or back button? Do you want them to purchase something from your website? Do you want your visitors to ‘like’ your Facebook page for the local business?

Finally, does your website offer any value to the visitors making them return to the website? If it does not, sit back and work on that. Your local internet marketing campaign will fail without visitors returning to your website.


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