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TOP 5 simple ways to optimize your website for local searches1  5 simple ways to optimize your website for local business searches

If you own a local business that relies on local customers, then you have great online tools to promote your local business website. However, you have to know how the potential customers will search to find your business. This will help you make better use of local business marketing tools to attract more local customers to your website.

Local search has gained a lot of popularity recently. Major search engines have started giving more importance to local search than they ever did. Google announced that 20% search volume was for local searched back in March. This means that you need to start at the earliest to grab this opportunity to bring local customers to your website using the search engines. To achieve that, you need to optimize your website.

Some of the things that you can do to optimize your website for local searched are given below. Try these and you will see the results yourself. Just do not forget to keep an eye on your traffic before and after implementing these methods.

  1. Try to publish your local business website to a local domain. This will not only tell the search engines to index it for local business, it will automatically make it available for any search terms containing your local prefixes.
  2. Tagging should be geo-specific. Try to add places, zip codes and location to your meta tags and description. This will certainly help the things and search engines will send more local searchers to your website.
  3. On every page, include your local address, phone number and other information in the text. Few webmasters create a graphic for that and place it on every page. Remember, text is a better way to get your information indexed quickly graphic can’t be ready by Google..
  4. You should also optimize the images on your website. Add location in the ALT text whenever possible. For example, if your website is about a local computer hardware store and you have images on the website, then add your location to the ALT. You can do something like ‘SATA hard drives, Baltimore’ to make it more local in nature.
  5. Finally and most importantly, submit your website to all the local search engine directories such as Google Places and Yahoo Local Listings.


We hope this information has given you a start in what you should be doing for your local business.  If you want more information feel free to come back because we will keep adding valuable information regularly.


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