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 3 Cost Effective Ways To Market Your Business That will Increase Customer Value!

With the tight economy, companies are looking for ways to save money on local business marketing. What better way to reach out to these customers? Most business owners are so focused on the day to day activities of a business that they are not able to put much attention on marketing. Without marketing your business will begin to be stagnant, immobile and slowly grind to a stop. Marketing on a budget means that you need to be creative, innovative and think a way outside the box. Marketing doesn’t always mean spending tons of money to get the word out. There are some things that you can do to reach your target audience and present yourself as a progressive and forward thinking company without breaking the bank.

Think about giveaways, everyone likes to get something for FREE don’t you?. Imagine, a small business internet marketing campaign, using the internet by emailing. Send emails to your existing customers. Tell them that you will be entering them into a drawing for a FREE gift. This gets your customers used to hearing from you and the gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Local business marketing online need not be an extravagant one to help you brand you in the online world.

Another great way to market your products or services is to offer a referral bonus to customers who refer their friends and family. Offering a free month of service when they refer a friend or family who avails of your service is not a loss to company’s profits. Also, it will increase trust and good will. You can also put it as a credit on their account. I find that to be very helpful in my industry. This customer doesn’t have to be sold on you. They already know who you are and is more receptive to buy what we are offering!

Find businesses that compliment you but do not compete with yours and team up with them. This is an opportunity for cross promotion. Your cross promotion can be through bundled services, such as a special discount for customers who buy from you and your partner. Exchanging services or trading products with them will also build a long term relationship that would help your business to grow. There’s a number of ways you can work together with other businesses in the area. Research, buy from those businesses that you are interested in. You want your customers to have the same service as they get from you.

Marketing your business through local business advertising needs to be something that you do every single day in order to maintain and grow your local small business. If you use these ideas and combine them with your existing strategies you are sure to be successful in marketing your business in the coming months and years. We will discussing more ways that our businesses will benefit from new technology especially Mobile Marketing!



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