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How To.. How to UNLEASH the AUTHORITY of the internet to help grow your local  business!

It is no secret that the internet is playing a more and more important role in the growth of our

Local businesses because the yellow pages have fallen out of use by our prospective customers and patients.  With the use of new smart phones they can now search easily for which business will get their endorsement. Think about it, what are the three things you must have before you leave home? 1. Your keys,2. your wallet or bag, and 3. your cell phone. You see they need to be able to access your business and it must show up on the search engines ( especially on the first page of Google) when they want to buy. Google is the number one search engine and if you don’t show up on the first page then your prospect will choose the business WHO IS!

In fact, what do you think is the first thing your prospect does before they visit your establishment?

I’ll let you think about that for a while.

Google has given every business a gift that if you don’t know it exists then you will be left out in the cold.  They have made place pages for businesses with or without websites. It is rumored that these place pages will be more important than a website in the future but Google won’t say for sure.

You must “claim” these place pages or your competitor can “hijack” them. Your business can come up like you are out of business so the customer or prospect goes to theirs. Sounds crazy right? But all that is true. So therefore, it is critical that you know to do this. Claiming the page is not hard but staying on top of the 7 spots on the local search is what is difficult.

Also important to have are citations from other sources and review from your customers if you want to maintain in the 7 spot area.

The more information your add to your place page the more your prospective customer can find out about you before they come to see you. The yellow pages are gone and Google places have replaced it.

This is a good thing because your Google places page is dynamic. You can have videos and pictures added to it. Video has become very important for marketing a business.

Now that you have “claimed” your Google places page if it’s done correctly, you will start to get traffic to your website. You also need to do the same  in Yahoo and Bing (MSN search engine).

There are many strategies and tactics that must be done to have your site get traffic. That traffic then converts to a phone call or a visit to your establishment. A word of caution, if you don’t treat your visitors right the first time they come you are in for a big surprise!

After being in business for more than 20 years now, I have seen a drastic change in the ways we need to market and advertise our businesses. The internet has completely consumed the marketplace and we need to take full advantage of this new technology. Also, mobile is fast approaching.

Lets start from the beginning. Especially if you are new to this (the internet) it is important to understand how this process works.

First, Imagine this scenario. Your prospect is looking for a printer. Since they want it to be a local printer they go to Google and put South Miami Printer, or Printer in South Miami. Google them brings up the site which Google thinks is more relevant to the person who has just done the search. In plain English, Google wants to please the person so that when they want to do another search they come back to Google. That means a lot of money for them (Google).

So if you are a printer and want to get more business you want your business to be in the Places section on the first page of Google. That way your prospect now has a chance to go and review your site and see what other people are saying about you before they buy. Opps , before I forget, this is the answer to

The question I asked above. Your prospect wants to know ALL about you before they buy. Basically, our reputations are on the line every single day. Believe me it’s very important to monitor your reputation because if you don’t you will be out of business and you won’t know how it happened.

Consequently for this reason your online presence must be correctly placed so that everything in your profile expresses what you want your prospects to know about you. Having completed these steps at least gets you started in the world of online marketing.

This world has increased my business approx. 50% in the last 3 months and it look like it’s going to

continue if I continue with my local online marketing. You must keep up with this, monitor, search,

and constantly study what the search engines find important so you can keep changing your site as

Is necessary.

I understand that this is a lot of work. If you want to do it yourself you can just search for this and you can find many websites that will show you how. But if you don’t have the time and want us to help you out and get you on the first page of Google Local just give us a call.

We would love to give you a 15 minute free consultation to see how you can benefit from this!

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